Monday Musings: A Surprise Day Off

My youngest daughter was off from school last week.  Since we usually take our vacations during the summer, my husband and I planned on working for most of the week while our high schooler spent most of the time at one of her BFFs’ houses – or they were at our house.

I was hoping to sneak in at least one Mom and Daughter Day, but her schedule was pretty booked.

Then one morning she called me. I was halfway to work.

“Where are you???”

“On the way to work.”

“But WHY??”

“Because you said you were had plans today.”

“But I wanted to do something with YOU today.”

I knew I had asked her – twice – the night before.

“No problem. I’ll be home in a little bit. Think of something you want to do.”

I was jumping at the chance to spend a day with my teenager. My teenager WANTED to spend the day with me.

So I called work and arranged for the day off.

By the time I got home, she didn’t have any ideas, but I did.

We quickly got ready and drove to the Jersey Shore. It was a beautiful day for a drive and we got to talk on the way.

We spent a few hours walking the boardwalk, feeling the sea air in our hair, eating pizza, taking a chilly walk on the beach, window shopping, dodging sea gulls (already!), and reminiscing about her childhood. Oh, and she even managed to talk me into a henna tattoo, which her older sister SWEARS I would have never let her have.

Creativity, as only a boardwalk shop can offer

But all too quickly, it was time to leave. My daughter’s schedule was calling. She had to get back for lacrosse practice and a barbecue.

Still. It was certainly a fantastic way to spend an unexpected day off.

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  1. I think these kind of days are priceless!

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