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Monday Musings: Will This Get Easier?

Courtesy of some e-cards

I am  either WAY out of shape or I severely underestimated the intensity level of the exercise tapes I just ordered. 

Either way, I need to get back in shape. My girls are both active and I’ve stressed the importance of healthy eating and exercise to them. It’s now time that Mom walks the walk.

With my semester over, I now have regained a hold back on my schedule. Well, as much as I am going to be a working mom with two busy teenage girls. So I made a commitment to really dedicate myself and get back into shape. It’s the only thing that I didn’t do after quitting my toxic job last year. My head is clear again and I’m thrilled with the rest of my life. My body, however, seems to have been left in a shattered state, a product of stress eating and no exercise during a turbulant time in my life.

Why is it sooo easy to get out of shape and put on pounds but oh so hard to get in shape and lose the weight? I guess what they say is true; you have to work at it to appreciate it.

OK, so back to my commitment. I consulted my Certified Athletic Trainer (my sister), who advised me that the tapes who be a terrific thing to try. They’ve been here for about 2 weeks, waiting for me to get on a serious schedule of sleep.

So Saturday comes and I head down to my basement “gym” (formerly the girls’ playroom) and start the DVD. OK, not too bad. I am sticking with the instructor and his 3 totally toned minions through the warm up.

I won’t give you a play-by-play, but let’s just say, when we got to the “push ups with your feet on a chair,” I just collapsed into a wet puddle and could do nothing but laugh.

REALLY?? You expect me to do that? On day 1? Where is the “challenged” minion I can follow? You know, the one who is JUST STARTING OUT??

OK, so I push through (modifying this for me).

THEN the group does these moves that make it look like you are a marine diving under a hot wire fence. (Again, I do something different).

But wait. There was more. The AB TAPE. Did anyone tell them I am doing these tapes so I GET toned abs?

If not for anything else, I got my money’s worth for these tapes. I just could not stop laughing.  

And then I did what anyone else would do.

I called my sister. And she started laughing.

Then she got serious. And made me promise not to stop. Which I promised I won’t do.

But, I just had to take a break today.

Since I couldn’t put my arms down at their sides until way later tonight. So I guess it is working.

Deep sigh. I hope this gets easier…



Monday Musings: A Surprise Day Off

My youngest daughter was off from school last week.  Since we usually take our vacations during the summer, my husband and I planned on working for most of the week while our high schooler spent most of the time at one of her BFFs’ houses – or they were at our house.

I was hoping to sneak in at least one Mom and Daughter Day, but her schedule was pretty booked.

Then one morning she called me. I was halfway to work.

“Where are you???”

“On the way to work.”

“But WHY??”

“Because you said you were had plans today.”

“But I wanted to do something with YOU today.”

I knew I had asked her – twice – the night before.

“No problem. I’ll be home in a little bit. Think of something you want to do.”

I was jumping at the chance to spend a day with my teenager. My teenager WANTED to spend the day with me.

So I called work and arranged for the day off.

By the time I got home, she didn’t have any ideas, but I did.

We quickly got ready and drove to the Jersey Shore. It was a beautiful day for a drive and we got to talk on the way.

We spent a few hours walking the boardwalk, feeling the sea air in our hair, eating pizza, taking a chilly walk on the beach, window shopping, dodging sea gulls (already!), and reminiscing about her childhood. Oh, and she even managed to talk me into a henna tattoo, which her older sister SWEARS I would have never let her have.

Creativity, as only a boardwalk shop can offer

But all too quickly, it was time to leave. My daughter’s schedule was calling. She had to get back for lacrosse practice and a barbecue.

Still. It was certainly a fantastic way to spend an unexpected day off.

Monday Musings

I save my favorite fortune cookie sayings. This is one of my favorites:

Monday Musings: For Teens, Texting is Tops

If your house of teens is like mine, than you are certainly not surprised by the findings of the latest poll from the Pew Internet Research Center:  it shows that texting is the #1 way teens are communicating.  

Other highlights from the survey:

  • 75 percent of all teens text
  • The median number of texts (midpoint) on a typical day for teens 12-17:  rose from 50 in 2009 to 60 in 2011
  • Largest group seeing an increase: 
    • Older teens, ages 14-17
    • Boys
    • Black teens
    • Largest text users:  This remains the older teen girl group, with a median of 100 texts per day in 2011 (compared to 50 texts for boys of the same age)

So how do teens communicate on a daily basis?   The following is a mix of communications methods a teen will use on an average day:

  • 63 percent – Texting
  • 39 percent - Cell phone
  • 35 percent - Face to face socializing outside of school
  • 29 percent - social network site messaging
  • 22 percent – instant messaging
  • 19 percent - Talking on landlines
  • 6 percent – Email

And what about the technology?

  • 1 in 4 teens owns a smartphone
  • 77 percent of teens – ages 12-17- own a cell phone
  • 16 percent of teens have used a table computer in the last month to access the internet


Monday Musing

OK, so this week’s Monday Musing is a special one.

Bo the Pug and Carlo the Cat

 It features Carlo. Or as I call him, Carlo the Carbo Cat. This special little feline actually DOES steal bread. Not to eat it. Just to steal it. And it must be in the middle of the night.

He also has super cool tricks of stealing expensive watches (I got really tired of that game after he didn’t return my nice Citizens watch with the black band) and eating my lucky bamboo.

I seriously bought the bamboo for luck – and isn’t it supposed to GROW to bring you luck? Thanks, Carlo.

His other trick is to go FLYING through the house at break neck speed. He can also catapult off of the couch and use himself as a bowling ball, trying to see how many framed pictures he can knock down in one swoop from the display from atop the antique piece of furniture.

His latest trick: opening random kitchen cabinets.  And pulling out ALL the contents onto the floor.  This is followed by him lounging on the floor, with a ”Who me?” look.

But he is pretty cool. He is as soft as a bunny. And since he was pretty much raised by our two dogs, he thinks he is one. You can’t help but think he is the funniest thing around. 

That doesn’t stop me from hiding all bread products….