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Monday Musings: For Teens, Texting is Tops

If your house of teens is like mine, than you are certainly not surprised by the findings of the latest poll from the Pew Internet Research Center:  it shows that texting is the #1 way teens are communicating.  

Other highlights from the survey:

  • 75 percent of all teens text
  • The median number of texts (midpoint) on a typical day for teens 12-17:  rose from 50 in 2009 to 60 in 2011
  • Largest group seeing an increase: 
    • Older teens, ages 14-17
    • Boys
    • Black teens
    • Largest text users:  This remains the older teen girl group, with a median of 100 texts per day in 2011 (compared to 50 texts for boys of the same age)

So how do teens communicate on a daily basis?   The following is a mix of communications methods a teen will use on an average day:

  • 63 percent – Texting
  • 39 percent - Cell phone
  • 35 percent - Face to face socializing outside of school
  • 29 percent - social network site messaging
  • 22 percent – instant messaging
  • 19 percent - Talking on landlines
  • 6 percent – Email

And what about the technology?

  • 1 in 4 teens owns a smartphone
  • 77 percent of teens – ages 12-17- own a cell phone
  • 16 percent of teens have used a table computer in the last month to access the internet